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There is little more fun that a relaxing afternoon watching the trains. It doesn’t hurt to have a cool basement to retreat to on a hot day.

hiatus is over

Okay, so hiatus is perhaps woefully inaccurate. A hiatus is when you take a break of a known length. Considering it has been over a year, and I did not even check how long it was before that, I think it is safe to say that this post is long overdue. However, I am hoping to commit to at least one post a month and maybe Sandra can post once in a while too then this blog will come back to life.

This first picture is Andrew’s chalk art. Sandra was quick to point out the lines coming out of my face are whiskers. Evidently I need to shave more often.


The second photo is mine and I think this is awesome. Andrew is almost five and likes to help out. Here he is helping Hayden zip up his hoodie.

2015-02-21 12.07.47

Happy New Year


The boys really liked taking their power wheels or a spin.


Foam bath toys

Of all the gifts the boys got today the bath toys have proven some of the most popular. They’re playing nicely and not splashing all the water out of the tub.



As a kid, I loved seeing all the menorahs in the windows when I walked around my neighborhood at night. Now, where I live, my house may be the only one.


Who needs 19?

I offer you two videos this morning. The first – giving the post its title – is Andrew playing doctor. He has a toy blood pressure cuff. (Toy sphygmomanometer for you purists out there. Yes I had to look up the name and how to spell it.) He counted off the squeezes on the bulb but missed 19 on his way to 20. When I asked him about it he counted again and again missed 19. The other video is from last week. I caught the boys playing nicely with other. (This isn’t a rarity but it isn’t ubiquitous either. This the life of siblings, so I am told.) In case Andrew doesn’t say it clearly enough – I realize not everyone is as fluent in “Andrew-speak” as I am – the game is peekaboo (or “Where’s Hayden?”).


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